Bücker Scenic Vintage Flight
departing Dübendorf

Der gelbe Doppeldecker Bücker

Don't miss the fascination of flying in a Bücker Biplane with its open cockpit. This is flying on a completely different scale – you sit in the front and one of our experienced pilots controls the yellow biplane from the back seat.

The completely restored and 100% airworthy Bücker Biplane allows you to experience a unique vintage flying experience. Prior to the scenic flight, the Bücker pilot will provide you with all necessary information on the aircraft and the selected flight route.

Choose between a scenic flight with or without aerobatics.

You can choose between a smooth round trip without any aerobatics, or a thrilling flight with aerobatics. In either case you will experience vintage flying first hand as you sit in the open cockpit of the yellow Bücker Biplane!


All common aerobatic maneuvers can be flown with the Bücker Biplane. Sitting in the open cockpit during such aerobatic stunts can provide you with an additional breathtaking experience, such as inverted flying or a loop-the-loop. Sound exciting?

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Whining is useless.  Flights with our vintage planes are only carried out under good visual flying conditions. This, however, does not mean they will only fly on sunny days.

Prices for Bücker Scenic Vintage Flight

30 minutes    
Bücker without aerobatics
1 Person Fr. 250.-
Bücker with aerobatics 1 Person Fr. 350.-
All prices incl. 7,7% sales tax

How do I book a flight?

For flight dates, more information and booking please contact phone +41 44 824 55 21 in the morning (Tuesday til Friday), thank you!


With valid Ju-52 or Bücker vouchers or in cash (Swiss Francs) half an hour before the flight.


Check-in 30 minutes prior to departure
Scenic Flight Time 30  Minutes

Maximum Weight
per Pax:
 100 kg


The Bucker Jungmann Biplane was used by the Swiss military from 1935 to 1971. The outstanding flying properties of the Bücker were highly valued and made the airplane a favorite during that time period. The Bücker can reach a speed of up to 350 km/h, thus also making it very suitable for aerial stunt flying.