The new Ju-Air credit and prepaid cards

Cornèrcard Ju-Air cards at special discount prices.

In the first year the Cornèrcard Ju-Air credit card is available for CHF 40 – in the second year the annual fee is CHF 80. Persons up to age 26 can purchase the Ju-Air prepaid card for only CHF 25.00. Persons over age 26 can buy the card for CHF 50.00.

  • Your voucher: As a thank you gesture for your card order you will receive a voucher amounting to CHF 20, valid for a flight with the Ju-Classic, a guided tour of the Flieger Flab Museum or a purchase in the Museum Shop.

Do good and profit at the same time

By using a Ju-Air credit and prepaid card you support the maintenance of «Tante Ju» and the Flieger Flab Museum in Dübendorf – without any additional costs for you. At the same time you profit from attractive benefits and functions:


  • You have a multifunctional card from Cornèrcard in the form of Visa and MasterCard credit cards or as a prepaid card that are recognized worldwide.
  • You receive two free èFun cards without payment functions that give you contactless access to ski resort areas, sporting events, concerts and events.
  • You need no bank account.
  • Contactless function: To pay small cash amounts you can hold your card with the contactless function briefly in front of the respective reading device at the POS terminal.
  • Chip technology and PIN function: This offers you increased security and easy payment handling.
  • Booking with bar code access function: When making reservations over the internet you enter your reservation number. After the number is controlled your reservation is released. The bar code on your card gives you access later on to events. Interesting offers are found under
  • Cornèrcard Emotions: Planned events, the current cinema program for Switzerland, continuously new offers, travel news, contests and much more are found concentrated in one single online portal: Cornèrcard Emotions. As a customer you profit from exclusive advantages and discounts – regular surfing on is thus especially worthwhile.

Many other great benefits await you. Apply for your Ju-Air card now!