Pilot Ju-52

volunteer, no salary!

Currently no openings

Requirements (Admission to initial conversion course):

Professional Qualifications:

  • Pilot license (at least CPL or frozen ATPL)
  • Flight experience of minimum 500 hours, of which at least 50 hours must be with a "taildragger" plane  
  • Valid or expired Instrument Rating
  • Successfully completed MCC (Multi-crew concept course)  
  • Successfully completed initial CRM course (Crew Resource Management)  
  • Knowledge of the Swiss Air Force's air service and the military air base infrastructure

Personality and Character:

  • Team-oriented, cheerful, mature, disciplined personality
  • Acceptance of a person is decided by a majority vote of the pilots in service
  • Must be prepared to fly at least the first 200 hours on the Ju-52 as copilot