ID-ROM Gift Certificates Competition

ID ROM Competition Prices

What about our prices?
January 2018 A voucher of CHF 50.- for the museumsshop
February 2018 Guided tour in our museum exhibition for 2 people, entry fees inclusive.
March 2018 A 30 minutes flight with our olditmer plane Bücker (no acro).
April 2018 A flight gift certificate for a 40-minute sightseeing flight with "Aunt Ju" from Dübendorf
Mai 2018 A voucher for a delicious meal in our RESTAURANT HOLDING in the museum
June 2018 Funny little crash pilot bear with leather cap and flying goggles for the kids
July 2018 Voucher for P-3 Flight Simulator - 20 minutes with flight instructor
August 2018 Romantic DINNER FOR TWO
in the our FLÜÜGERSTÜBLI in the middle of the museum exhibition

The winning number

Winning number of January 2018

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Congratulations to the following winners:

Month Name From
Mai Herr H. B. Tenero
  Mai Herr R. A. Wettingen
  Mai Herr G. T. Pfaffikon
  März Frau R. B. Adliswil
  Januar Herr S. P. Stans