Gift certificates
for Sightseeing Flights from Dübendorf

Would you like your JU-52 flight voucher refunded or would you like to trade in a Bücker flight voucher?

Please note the information below:

A refund of the JU-52 vouchers is possible until the end of 2024 under the following conditions:

     The voucher issue date must not be older than 10 years when redeemed.
     The original voucher must be available (a photo or scan is not sufficient) and sent to the address below.
     For the refund of the amount we need the following information:
     IBAN: CH……. / Account of the holder/ Address and phone no. / E-mail

To this adress:
Voucher "Aunt Ju"
Überlandstrasse 271
CH – 8600 Dubendorf

You are also welcome to trade in the voucher for a Bücker flight as long as it meets the above conditions. Information about the Bücker flights can be found here...