JU-AIR - Our History

In 1981, the Air Force decided for cost reasons to exempt the three JU-52 from military services. An interest group under the direction of the Director of the Federal Office for military airfields, Brigadier Walter Dürig stuck out for the idea to transfer one of the JU-52 into the civil flight operations and should be available for a maximum of five years to the Swiss people as a nostalgic aircraft ...

History of JU-AIR 1982 - 2018

1981 The three Ju-52s which had been used in the Swiss Air Force for more than 40 years are taken out of service.
An extraordinary general meeting of the VFMF (Association of the Friends of the Swiss Air Force) decides to assume the sponsorship for Ju-52 flying operations.
"Fly on Ju-52" was the motto for a widespread fund-raising campaign. At the same time it marked the birth of the present JU-AIR operations. Donations from all over Switzerland totalling about CHF 600,000 made possible the transfer of the planes from military to civilian use.
Start of regular sightseeing flights from Dübendorf with the Ju-52 HB-HOS and HB-HOP. 5,500 enthusiastic passengers were flown in the first year.
Passenger check-in took place in simple construction containers. This was only possible due to the efforts of 60 volunteers.
The large demand required the commissioning of the third Ju-52, the HB-HOT.
First major international flight to Lanzarote, Canary Islands.
Accident with the HB-HOS at Koblenz Airport. Airplane damage was about CHF 2 million. No passengers were hurt.
The HB-HOS resumes flights.
First air trekking to the North Cape in Norway

Flight to Dessau (Germany), with excursion to the Junkers works, birthplace of the Ju-52


Begin of restoration work on the JU in Düsseldorf


Begin of certification on the operation of BMW engines with lead-free fuel (Mogas)

The Annual Meeting of the VFMF decides to replace the old wooden Hall 9.
Inauguration of the new Hall 9.
1996 The HB-HOS becomes an advertising medium for chocolate ("Milka-JU").
1997 Inauguration flight of the HB-HOY (Düsseldorf Express)
  Historic meeting: The last five JU-52s still flying (4x JU-AIR, 1x Lufthansa) meet at Mönchengladbach Airport (Germany)
  Certification by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation for the operation of the BMW engines with unleaded gasoline.
The start of regular sightseeing trips from Mönchengladbach.
  Accident at Samedan Airport. During landing, the HB-HOS touched a snow wall. Damages: CHF 1.2 million.
  As of June the HB-HOS flies in its new IWC look.
1999 Establishment of the club52 - interested in the travel reports and photos?
December 31 at midnight - the entire JU-AIR fleet "flies" into the new millenium.
11. The HB-HOS takes off on its around-the-world flight. Planned is the circumnavigation of the globe with IWC as sponsor. Details may be found in the book "Die IWC Ju auf WELTREISE", available in the Online-Shop.
Since 1983 the number of passengers rose from 5,500 to 13,000 and the number of volunteer workers from 60 to 180.
Only the hard work and dedication of these volunteers, and of numerous benefactors and sponsors, have made it possible to turn JU-AIR into such a successful operation. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you.
In September 2002 Ju-Air celebrates its 20th Anniversary.
In April the new museum hall is opened with a big festival and an attractive air show.
Lights, camera, action, quiet please... A new Ju film, "Spotlight on JU-AIR" ("JU-AIR im Rampenlicht") – available - in the online Shop.
2004 The HB-HOY gets a new look and advertises for Hapimag.
The JU&ME Club Magazine receives a facelifting (GAZETTE) and the Swissair DC-3 makes its inaugural flight to London
2005 The Ju-52 HB-HOP, HOS und HOT are 66 years old.
The HB-HOS receives a new, elegant IWC makeover and is ambassador for the new IWC pilot's watch.
JU-AIR celebrates its 25th Anniversary ! A proud event, considering that when it was founded in 1983, many voices did not give the flight enterprise with the Ju-52 the slightest chance of survival. This anniversary was celebrated with many events during all of 2007.
  The shots of the HB-HOT in Berlin with Tom Cruise for the cine film "Die Walkürie" (The Valkyries).
2008 Ju-52 goes 3D. Nostalgy meets high tech. Film shuts of the latest state of the art.
70 years of HB-HOP, HB-HOS and HB-HOT (year of manufacture 1939)
The newly announced evening scenic flights, combined with a candle light dinner, is a big success
2011 Meeting of 6 Ju-52 at the Airshow Hahnweide (Germany)
Start of a new adventure: HB-HOT (RIMOWA) takes off direction USA, take-off day is 18. June.
  In September JU-AIR celebrates its 30th anniversary, what a proud event!
Photos and Videos in the website of the 30-year anniversary of the JU-AIR.
Auntie Ju visits London
2014 More then 14'000 passengers enjoy their flight on Ju-52
The club52, which has existed since 1999 was dissolved.
Redesign of the entire webpresence
2016 HB-HOY is retired and find its new ground place in Mönchengladbach (Germany).
2017 Ju-Air gets new Phonenumbers: 044 824 55 xx
2018 Tragical accident of HB-HOT near Flims 4th of August, the 3 crewmember and 17 passengers lose their lives.
2019 The JU-AIR comprehensively revises its three historic JU-52s.
The flight operation is therefore suspended until spring 2021.