Over the past 25 years our passengers have most commonly asked the following questions:

Customer: I have heart problems. The Ju-52 has an unpressurized cabin, can I still fly in it?
This depends on:
  the length of the flight, i.e. a 40-minute sightseeing flight from Dübendorf rarely goes beyond an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. However, when taking a charter flight, e.g. over the Bernese Alps, it is quite possible that 3000 meters are exceeded for short periods.
  the advice and recommendation you receive from your doctor.
JU-AIR waives all liability.
Customer: Can my father fly despite the fact that he sits in a wheel chair?
Basically he can, provided his general state of health allows it. Please inform us of such special situations when you make your reservations so that the necessary aids can be made available to you. The wheel chair cannot be taken into the cabin, but your father will be carried to his seat.
You say that a "sightseeing flight" lasts 40 minutes. Is this the time calculated from the moment of checking in, or does it represent pure flight time?
We are proud to say that we offer pure flight time, meaning that you are actually in the air 40 minutes.
I don't tolerate machine noise very well. How is the noise level in the Ju-52?
JU-AIR: Each passenger seat is equipped with individual earphones which not only protect against motor noise but also permits passengers to clearly hear all cockpit announcements.